State Bird Provisions

by dhbadmin on April 23, 2014

Located on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, California. State Bird Provisions  has become one most talked about restaraunts in San Francisco. The Husband-  and-wife team chef Stuart Brioza and pastry chef Nicole Krasinski brought us  in  to help with the remodel of their new lively space.

We worked with ACI Construction on the remodel of what most locals consider    either the best, or most interesting restaurant in the city. We installed a panelized  acoustic ceiling above the dining areas and alongside the restaurants open kitchen.

Next time you are in the San Francisco Area, plan to have dinner at State Bird Provisions and take a look at our work in person!

State Bird Provision
1529 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


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Fog City Diner

by dhbadmin on April 16, 2014

Located on the Eastern waterfront and  roadway of the Port of San Francisco, Fog  City is a stunning and historic destination  for contemporary, broad San Franciscan  cuisine and cocktails. Fog City opened in  1985 is now a newly renovated space.

We installed ¼” thick cork to different  areas in their ceiling to help alleviate the  reverberation in the window filled restaurant. Our architects gave Fog City a style that highlights the building’s history, location, and individuality.

If you are in the San Francisco area, stop in and feel the energetic, comfortable atmosphere. While you are there sit at their lively bar or enjoy some of their unforgettable cuisine.
1300 Battery St
San Francisco, CA 94111


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Trattoria Da Vittorio

by dhbadmin on April 9, 2014

Trattoria Da Vittorio pays homage to the Calabrian food  and close-knit family that influenced and shaped owner  Vittorio D’Urzo. Trattoria Da Vittorio is located in the  West Portal area of San Francisco.Vittorio aimed to  incorporate some acoustic surfacing in  his restaurant  without encroaching on his theme/décor. We discussed  and concluded this was another opportunity to install a  seamless Stretch Fabric System in conjunction with some  acoustic wall panels and the payoff has been amazing! Stop by Trattoria Da Vittorio today to see some of our newest work and try some unforgettable food.

Trattoria Da Vittorio
150 West Portal Ave
San Francisco, CA 94127




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La Ciccia

by dhbadmin on March 30, 2014

Located on the edge of Noe Valley in San Francisco, California. La Ciccia  provides a dimly lit, intimate setting with spectacular food and an  extensive wine list. The proprietors really work together to take you on a  culinary passage through the owner’s homeland, the Italian island of  Sardinia. This restaurant is a true tribute to Sardinia, an experience not  to be overlooked.

The owners, Massimiliano Conti and wife, Lorella Degan contacted us to help provide them with a better acoustic setting. The space provided a wonderful opportunity for us to install our Clipso “Beige” Stretch Fabric Ceiling, which is almost indistinguishable to the surrounding drywall surfacing.  The fabric is designed to provide aesthetic impact and maximum comfort.

Next time you are in San Francisco, take some time to check out the amazing food and atmosphere of La Ciccia as well as see our work in person. We hope you enjoy it!

La Ciccia
291 30th St
San Francisco, CA 94131



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WCD in the News!

by dhbadmin on March 12, 2014

The Silicon Valley Business Journal mentioned Connie Norlander and her journey of success. With her entrepreneurship skills, construction degree, and love for design Connie has really made a name for herself. To read more about Connie Norlander and how she made her way to the top visit

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Menlo Circus Club

by dhbadmin on February 28, 2014

Located between San Jose and San Francisco in Atherton, CA, The Menlo Circus Club combines a rich history dating back to the 1920s and a state of the art facility. This family club has been the scene of premier horse shows, polo matches, tennis tournaments and much more. When they came to us, they were looking to better the acoustics in their dining area. Using a brilliant fabric sound dampening system called Clipso, we were able to bring the most advanced acoustic technology into their amazing building while not distracting from the club’s rich history and decor.

Menlo Circus Club
190 Park Ln
Atherton, CA 94027

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The Bench at Pebble Beach

by dhbadmin on February 26, 2014

The Bench at Pebble Beach is an upscale, yet casual restaurant on the premier golf links in the world. The eclectic menu, inspired by international style, offers a wonderful selection of dishes prepared with wood roasting and open-flame cooking.

The Bench asked us to come and create an acoustic solution that fit within their historical space that boasted incredible views and bright, crisp and clean décor.

For reservations, call (800) 654-9300. Take an afternoon or evening to experience some of the most beautiful views in the world and see some of our work.

The Bench at Pebble Beach
17-Mile Drive
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

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The Spinster Sisters

by dhbadmin on February 24, 2014

Located on South A Street in Santa Rosa’s SOFA arts district, The Spinster Sisters building needed a lot of renovation. Owners Liza Hinman, Eric Anderson and Giovanni Cerrone came to us for the acoustic solutions. We installed white 1″ hanging “cloud” panels to help control the acoustics while complimenting the bring and rustic interior.
The result is perfect, sound is evenly distributed and the place now feels warm. Conversations are comfortable and reverberations minimal. Quite a change! It feels really comfortable for everyone.


Next time you are in SOFA, plan to have dinner at The Spinster Sisters and see our work in person!

The Spinster Sisters
401 South A St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 528-7100

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Mission Rock Resort

by dhbadmin on February 19, 2014

Manager Peter Osborne asked us to come in and alleviate some inherent noise issues that naturally exist in such a unique space. Featuring a glass façade that boasts the restaurants stunning views across the bay, Peter aimed to protect the atmosphere within specific locations of his establishment. We addressed the private dining room and bar area with an aesthetic stretch fabric system complimenting the décor and colors of the already highly successful restaurant.

Take a few moments to look at some photos of our work and when you are in the area, be sure to visit Mission Rock Resort for an amazing dinner. Contact us if you have any questions about our services or if you would like a consultation for your own restaurant.

Mission Rock Resort
817 Terry Francois Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Wine Kitchen

by dhbadmin on February 12, 2014

Owners Jason Limberg and Greg Faucette wanted to treat the acoustics in their new wine bar on Divisadero Street in San Francisco. Like many of San Francisco’s restaurants and retail units, Wine Kitchen’s space was was long and narrow. Acoustic panels were the best fit to control the sound while conserving a lively atomosphere.

Wine Kitchen
507 Divisadero, San Francisco
(415) 525-3485

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