About Wall Covering Designs

We Exceed Our Customers' Needs

Wall Covering Designs, Inc. provides acoustical and noise reduction solutions by installing vinyl and fabric wall coverings. Specialty installations include acoustical panels, Whisper Walls stretched fabric systems, Walltalkers whiteboard, and Koroguard/Acrovyn wall protection systems. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, hospitality, and public and private institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our professional staff of installers are diligent in their work and committed to meeting your deadlines.

About the Owner

Wall Covering Designs Owner and Founder, Connie Norlander"My job is to work constantly with the interior designer and acoustical engineers to try to make sure that the needs of the client and both professional teams are being met."

— Connie Silver, LEED AP and owner of Wall Covering Designs

Connie Silver is a successful woman entrepreneur and philanthropist. A Palo Alto native, who started a unique business in the garage of her family home, Ms. Silver took the male-dominated construction industry by storm to become one of the most sought after experts in her field.

Her thriving business delivers creative, elegant solutions that solve the most complex of acoustical issues. Her impressive project repertoire includes marquee corporate interiors, professional theaters, recording studios and restaurants as well as home theaters within the most notable of Bay Area residences. She is SBE and WBE certified.

Ms. Silver's Inspiring Story

While attending Gunn High School in Palo, Alto, Ms. Silver was exposed to what would later become her life's work. She met her self-described mentor, custom homebuilder James Witt. He gave her a summer job as an apprentice and started her off by sweeping floors, pounding nails and painting walls. Granted, it was anything but a glamorous start for a tall, beautiful, athletic young woman, however she fell in love with the business. The construction process exposed her to a new world that became her passion. She loved the feeling of satisfaction that she received from building something that was aesthetically pleasing and at the same time met the clients' functional requirements. She knew right then and there that construction was in her future. Ms. Silver went on to earn her degree from College of the Sequoias in Building and Trades and completed the Union's Apprenticeship Program.

Ms. Silver started her construction company, Wall Covering Designs (WCD) in the garage of her childhood home located in the hills of Palo Alto in the summer of 1996. (Yes, believe it or not, another story about a start-up in a garage in Palo Alto!). A single mother with two toddlers, she boldly started her company with $3000.00, two employees and a dream. Her vision was to create one [of] the Bay Area's most successful woman-owned construction companies. It was a lofty goal in a predominantly male-dominated industry, yet she was determined, had ingenuity and worked tirelessly to realize her vision.

Today, Ms. Silver is living her dream. Her prominent clients attest to the excellent quality of her work. WCD employs in excess of 30 people and operates three separate divisions all of which focus on high-end wall covering and acoustical application construction. First, the restaurant acoustics division provides affordable solutions to excessive noise levels in restaurants. Second the high-end commercial tenant improvement division constructs quality interior finishes. Third, the high-end residential division builds exquisite wall coverings and state-of-the-art home theaters.

Throughout the last few years as her competition has had difficulties surviving through these very challenging times, WCD has experienced unprecedented growth, almost doubling in size this year alone. From her 7,000 square foot headquarters in San Carlos, Ms. Silver has worked with some of the most renowned acoustical engineers in the world, successfully solving the acoustical issues for some of our country's most challenging projects. The extraordinary results and success are a direct result of WCD's state-of-the-art fabrication facility, and a tremendously well-trained staff of professionals with great leadership from the top.