WCD has completed projects for Google

WCD has built more than 100 theaters, music rooms and recording studios, both locally as well as nationally. Recently, the company landed one of the most prestigious and challenging projects. Ms. Silver and her team were awarded Dolby's new state-of-the-art theater, dubbed the "Innovation Theater." The theater is where Dolby will introduce film industry executives to their latest sound technology. This project was one of the most technically advanced commercial construction projects ever attempted and WCD was a part of the world-class team that the client selected.

A second noteworthy project, due to the complexity of the building techniques employed, was for Billy Joe Armstrong of the famous rock group Green Day. The scope included a cutting-edge music room and recording studio located in Armstrong's private Bay Area residence.

Another project of significant merit was a dedicated screening room and associated building in Woodacre, California for two-time Oscar winning director Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Ratatouille). The project completed with superb acoustics, stunning audiovisual performance, and gorgeous aesthetics.

"We regularly work with Apple, Google, and Oracle building a variety of spaces, from theaters to conference rooms and smart-wall installations."

San Francisco Chronicle Food Critic Michael Bauer is also a fan of WCD. We've worked with a number of restaurants to reduce their noise levels, like Delfina, Locanda, Sushi Ran, Incanto, and Burma Superstar. Michael Bauer took notice and started asking restaurants how they had quelled the decibels and discovered our company.

Michael has several articles on noise levels in restaurants, including lists of the loudest and quietest restaurants in the Bay Area, and the fight against restaurant noise.

WCD is preferred installer for Moov by ICF. Click here to see a video of their product.

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