123 Bolinas Artisan Wine, Beer & Food – Fairfax

by Jan Ellis Float on June 7, 2011

■ Heart of Marin County
■ Nestled into Ross Valley
■ 80 mins from SF
■ Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo views
■ Lush and embracing countryside
■ Age of Aquarius blooming in modern Mayberry
Artisan Wine, Beer & Food 

“Oops. Empty square. Just one missing utopian element. I’ve got it: Let’s enhance Fairfax with a wine bar of our very own!” And that, din and hubbub Buffs, was the grape-inspired idea which morphed into today’s 123 BOLINAS hit reality series. This Inception’s talented tag team — Dominic Phillips, James Gregory and Jeff & Jacquelyn Mahaney — are warm, accessible, connected and rightfully overflowing with locally-creative pride. Each of them then brought their personal passions to the proverbial table, designing and building this chic, urbane venue … where today they present, exhibit, serve and sell all eco-friendly homegrown products.

Major Props, Fairfax! We did it!

123 Bolinas Artisan Wine, Beer & Food

Please note the smoothly finished white walls below. Their dual purpose? To attractively flank the fireplace and  absorb noise!

Well, hold on there. Not quite yet!

Now that we’ve spent some time together, Blog Besties, game on: See if you can spot three acoustical challenges in these three interior pix. Yeah, you got ‘em: glass storefront, wood floors and “hard lid.” [Acouspeak for sheetrock] You guys are getting really GOOD!

Relying upon a strong residential architectural background, Proprietor Jeff also readily identified these culprits and implemented a wall treatment whereby fabric was stretched over wooden frames filled with acoustical material. Unfortunately, neither the fabric nor the acoustical fill were permitted by commercial building inspectors, as they did not conform with Class A fire requirements. The two smaller photos above were taken to depict this portion of 123 Bolinas at that time.

Reading our blog at https://www.wallcoveringdesigns.com/dinhubbub then precipitated the Fairfax-to-Connie Direct-Connect call. That Thursday, while on her initial professional visit to the wine bar, salt-of-the-earth hospitality lent its way to Connie’s trippin’ out in Gnocchi Neverland [“… like no other I’ve ever tried!”]. But when roused from Pasta Paradise, she quickly discerned that Din, his brother Hub and his other brother Bub were In the House. And, yes, their shenanigans had ratcheted the sound levels to a high of 90 destructive decibels. Boomers, repeat with me: “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

Unbearably loud — the noise literally bouncing off the walls, glass, floors and ceiling — static echo effects were created.  When loudness combines with echoing, and it strikes “between” our ears, the human brain is rendered incapable of processing its own auditory messages. Oh, great. Then Where in the World are Waldo’s Messages … or anyone else’s, for that matter?

The following Monday, the wine bar’s sabbath, our expert crew from Wall Covering Designs Inc. arrived early to execute its plan to reposition one-inch prefab panels wrapped with an acoustically transparent fabric. All products passed official codes and on Tuesday were being savored by proprietors, staffers and customers alike! That night the dB meter registered 79, an appreciable difference.

Now the focus and energy of 123 Bolinas are on integrating and presenting their unbelievably delicious organic foods; pairing them with taste bud-popping beer and/or wine flights;  and framing and lighting artists’ paintings, sculptures and wares. The missing cultural element in Fairfax, a showcase for its imaginative citizenry, is now Alive & Well at 123 Bolinas Artisan Wine, Beer & Food. You owe it to your Memory Maker to visit this charming town soon!!!

Bolinas-style bruschetta. Yum!
And red wine on tap! Why not?

Thanks for tuning in. FYI: Our Main Man, SF Chronicle Food Critic and Inside Scoop Blogger Michael Bauer, did and has been communicating with us since. Couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful!!! So as you notice restaurant dBs being ignored or — yikes! — increasing, we’d appreciate reading your thoughts and experiences, too! We do hear ))) and care about you!

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