Osteria Coppa Awards & Rewards – San Mateo [Part 1 of 2]

by Jan Ellis Float on June 22, 2011

And the hits just keep on comin’.

While launching OSTERIA COPPA-San Mateo in August 2010, Paul Shenkman was also on deck under full sail at his always-filled-to-the-gills Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. In fact, two months later Paul was awarded Restaurateur of the Year by the prestigious industry publication iSANTÉ, which then declared:

“Local Bay Area restaurateur earns top Grand Award, following in the footsteps of last recipient, master chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck.”
Whoa! Those are some serious Sperrys!

Now with his accomplished crew — First Mate Julie Shenkman and Executive Galley Chef Lewis Rossman — safely aboard, OSTERIA COPPA embarked out onto the Bay with flying colors. Having already worked hand over hand to conceptualize and name their newbie Italian venture, it’s interesting to note “osteria” means casual eatery and “coppa” a goblet or cup. Before this experienced group knew it, their osteria’s coppa runneth way over … and spilled into uncharted waters. Here. See for yourself:

Sounds traveling multi-directionally produce confusion and echoing patterns, thus causing brains’ synapses to misfire. Whether out of too many social graces, too much PC, downright embarrassment [“I didn’t hear you”] or first-date jitters, actual responses to misunderstood cues are often articulated. Aah, the Art of Au Courant Conversation. Wrong! And 30 years of scientific studies agree. According to WHO [World Health Organization], as cited in The Impacts of Noise:

“Noise above safe levels leads to a number of known health impacts: annoyance, stress,
high blood pressure, sleep loss, the inabilities to concentrate and learn, loss of productivity, etc.” http://bancannons.tripod.com/impacts.html

Experienced, awarded skippers intuit the need for calm seas. Paul, in command from construction, intrinsically appreciated acoustical value, wishing to reward his staff and patrons from the outset. To that end, acoustical tile ceilings were installed in the majority of OSTERIA COPPA; but layers of paint had diminished the glued tiles’ efficacy to a dismal .50 NRC rating. Enter our craftsmen from Wall Covering Designs Inc.:

Using vast training and expertise, our WCD team performed their magic during closed hours. Again, the widespan Clipso super-fabric was seamlessly stretched along two large ceiling areas and inserted into the upper edges of the storefront windows.

Please note what typically goes unnoticed: a clean and effective finish.
As at Osteria Coppa, gleeful wait staffers are frequently the first to provide positive feedback.

Although our crew rode out the storm, this vessel in its entirety is massive — 4,200 square feet, to be exact. Therefore, our professional recommendation includes a Phase II, wherein we’ll place an additional decorative acoustical fix along one tall wall toward the stern of Osteria Coppa. This will ensure adequate rigging for continued leeward passage on an even keel. Our ultimate goal? An NRC rating approaching .95!

Please stay tuned for our season finale. Bravo’s Andy Cohen – oops. Strike that. Together we’ll discover if we have successfully overcome Challenge 2 of 2. In the interim, come on out and meet server Joe at Osteria Coppa. As shown above, this casual eatery was chosen by SF Baylist as this year’s Il Primo Italiano. It’s also amassing consumer-review awards … while passing on culinary and more acoustic rewards! Vincita-Vincita!

We’ll be back soon!

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Julie June 22, 2011 at 7:35 pm

I love Osteria!, and look forward to going back. Now I know where to sit.

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