Locanda’s Roman Holiday – SF

by Jan Ellis Float on July 7, 2011

Owner Craig Stoll: “It’s like the Mission were another neighborhood in Rome …”


When a chef creates an exquisite entrée, prepared to ultimate perfection and presented with artistic ingenuity, he/she is often lauded as a “culinary genius.” In the case of Roman-inspired Locanda, Craig Stoll not only called upon his God-given gifts, but also those exclusive to Partner Annie Stoll, Chef Anthony Strong, Wine Director Chris Wright and Cocktail Maestro Brian MacGregor.

Yes, Culinary Genius!

As for the culturally-authentic, in voga ambience in which to serve and savor these ★★★★★ Italian delicacies, Craig also sought the talents of Envelope Architecture + Design. Together they fashioned a classically casual osteria — capturing the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the polished sophistication of Gregory Peck and the joyous energy of the duo’s Vespa ride through Rome.

Locanda’s lovely full bar

And that dazzling ceiling!


In February of this year, the much-anticipated opening of Locanda, by then condensed to a single calendar page, had become The Talk o’ the Town. Foodies were salivating over potential menu offerings, and designers were doodling fantasies on cocktail napkins. “Oh, Locanda. Yes, I heard …” hush-hush, whisper-whisper. To simmer [or sustain?] the Bay’s boiling kettle of curiosity, Craig provided this tidbit: “One cool thing we’re putting in is a coffered ceiling that undulates. It’s different-sized coffers, and the depth of each one differs. So it will deflect and absorb sound, and the ceiling kind of rolls from the front of the restaurant to the back.”

Okay. Aesthetics Genius!

And the peak of this space is an amazing piece of art! Intricate architecture and acoustical functionality bespeak …

… intrigue …
… glamour …
… and distinction!


Our team at Wall Covering Designs Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Craig & Annie to install acoustical systems in all of their dining establishments. Safety First, a Stoll Credo, dictates their awareness of the health and communication risks associated with din and hubbub. Now when budgeting a new project, these successful, experienced restaurateurs ensure acoustics are afforded high priority [not relegated to the back page, doomed for the shredder’s first grind].

And Acoustics Genius, too!

In fact, here at Locanda we were directly involved from inception through construction. Providing acoustical details during each structural phase guaranteed the Stolls our optimum services – from diminished dBs to finished look. As mentioned in earlier postings, each penetration of an acoustical product obviously escalates labor costs. Note above the numbers of cuts required for recessed, canned and spotlighting; now notice the pendants hanging from product-free beams. When WCD works onsite with multi-disciplinary professionals, the most elaborate of plans can be imaginatively implemented … and often at lesser client charges.

Ice Breakers/Deal Makers

Popular Jewish-Style Artichoke


Feeling the need to 86 your din and hubbub? We’ve got just the folks to dispose of your noise nuisances quickly and easily. It’s a simple function of desire, time and money. Consider this: Do you want a Locanda-type of decorative Wow! Factor, just a clean-lined job or a total disappearing act? Hey, I have a great idea: Let’s meet over at Locanda to discuss the full spectrum of our WCD products and services. We can enjoy the cuisine, atmosphere and acoustics … like on a Roman Holiday! And while there, we’re sure to spark the Genius Within!

Hope to see you soon!?!



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