Revisiting Sushi Ran: Wine Bar

by Wall Covering Designs Inc. on October 10, 2011

Last year, we profiled acoustical installations for one of the most acclaimed Japanese Restaurants in the Bay Area. I’m talking about none other than Sushi Ran; And if you haven’t been there, it’s time you paid a visit! (See our blog dated 2.19.2011). The installation went swimmingly along with the owner’s desires. Yoshi, the owner, was so pleased with the results, that he immediately began to plan for the wine bar area of the restaurant, too.

During the year between the projects, a new European product called ‘Clipso’ was making its debut into North America. Clearly, this was the product for the wine bar. Its top-grade features and qualities include:

    1. Anti-static, so it won’t attract dust
    2. Hydrophobic composition, to deter damage from humidity
    3. Widths up to 16’ 8”
    4. Washable fabric
    5. Monolithic finish
    6. PVC Free
    7. Polyester fabric with polyurethane coating
    8. Class A Fire Rating
    9. Perforation for acoustics

As you make your way from the entrance to the wine bar, take note of the ceiling throughout the entire space. Can you even tell there is an acoustical system nestled inside the ceiling coffers? Because preserving the character of how a restaurant was visually intended for its patrons, my team and I have perfected that craft of maximizing the results while minimizing the reconstruction. And Sushi Ran is the perfect model of our objective.

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