Noise No Longer a Misery with Mythos

by Wall Covering Designs Inc. on May 25, 2012

In the heart of an epicurean oasis in San Carlos, the owner of Mythos, Ed Khachaturian, first called me about a year ago. He inquired about our acoustical panels and his options; however, the economy was in a dip and the thought of spending additional money on top of basic, everyday expenses necessary to run a business was a daunting risk—for any restaurateur. Almost a year had passed since the day he had contacted me, and again, we came in for a second look. Ed retold the horrors of an outraged and unsatisfied customer who leapt out of his chair, exclaiming his distate over the absurd noise level. In such illustrative protest, he left our Mythos owner with “What were you thinking when you built this place?!”

For Ed, now was the perfect time to boldly go forth and hastily make the change as the economy was showing positive signs of recovery with the increase in patrons. Last week, WCD installed a colorful medley of panels in the main dining room, which tastefully complimented the clean lines within the restaurant. Soon, two more panels will be added to the smaller dining room within the ceiling coffer.

After phase one came to in end, I was immediately back working closely alongside my client, meticulously planning our next attack. As we paced between both rooms (the completed dining room and the untreated small dining room), the difference the installed panels made in noise reduction was obvious. What was once a breeding ground of discord metamorphosed into an enjoyable environment for both staff and customers.

Mythos is only one of the many examples WCD has helped to make over. Following closely in our next post, we will be reflecting on the many businesses in San Carlos that has experienced the astouding differences our customizable excellence in acoustics has made. Stay tuned!

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dhbadmin July 16, 2012 at 7:20 pm

What a fantastic improvement and design.

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