LuLu’s Proprietors Care – San Carlos

by Jan Ellis Float on October 15, 2010

The Hot Spot!

Natalie and Bracken, the proud owners of LuLu’s, were tingling with anticipation: This was, after all, the Grand Opening of their San Carlos location. With its family-friendly vibe, LuLu’s quickly came alive with the sound of – oh, no! It’s not Julie Andrews. The CD was stuck, blaring, echoing ))). Hey, who invited these Party Crashers, Din and Hubbub?  Ever so gracious, Natalie and Bracken coaxed some of their celebratory crowd out onto the front patio to enjoy the remainder of the festivities. And, ever so accommodating, they soon called upon us at Wall Covering Designs to banish their noise nightmare.

A classic No Show!

One could easily make a rather hasty assumption here that LuLu’s owners were novice restaurateurs. Au contraire! [Remember what happens when you assume?] Truth is: While delighting in the success and fun of their LuLu’s Palo Alto and Menlo Park locations, Natalie and Bracken spotted this adorably irresistable San Carlos storefront. It spoke to them, and they spoke back … both enthusiastically then applying their vast experience and numerous talents toward the launch of LuLu’s No. 3. Ahh, perfect! Right on target for the big Opening Gala. And where were those von Trapps, anyway? Playing in the Alps again? I mean, really. Every single rerun!?

Well, unlike the first two restaurants, many structural elements unexpectedly combined here to create this intolerable sound scene. So we listened intently to our clients’ main objectives — ensuring their patrons’ comfort while retaining LuLu’s playful energy — and instantly knew the Clipso product line would work its magic for them.

What acoustical issues? Just clean, smooth appearance.

Accounting for site-specific configuration and audibility, we chose and installed their cleanable polyester acoustical fabric. Although Clipso can be digitally imaged [see Incanto post], it is most often installed in white, beige or black … your basic go-away. [As whistle-blowing Captain von Trapp believes: Best to be seen and not heard!] But these Clipso products, by way of techological advancement, offer so much more. The other seemingly-futuristic qualities of their fabrics?

Clipso available in 5m widths. Seamless!
  • Hydrophobic – No absorbed moisture
  • Anti-Static – No airborne dirt
  • Sealed – No absorbed odors
  • Size Optional – Up to 16’8″ monolithic finish
  • Maintenance Easy – No steamcleaning
  • Hi-Def Printing – Ink lies on top of fabric
  • Environmental AI – Allows for lively activity. High AFs roll off. Sans Artificial Intelligence, typical fabrics deaden a room. [See post Acoustics 101-Abridged. Okay. Today’s Glossary Freebie: AFs = Audio Frequencies.]

Now, let’s check out their yummy menu:

Yep. LuLu’s has it all going on! Great food – service – locations. Most importantly, the owners CARE about their customers’ contentment and want them coming back for more. So stop in and see, smell, taste, feel and hear for yourself!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even catch The von Trapp Family singing in the house!!!

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