Pizzeria Delfina – Pacific Heights Meets Direct Connect!

by Jan Ellis Float on November 19, 2010


Oh, Pisano. Mamma Mia. Welcome to Pizz’ria Delfina!

Pizzeria Delfina and her siblings, hot little chili seeds scattered about the Hills of San Francisco, share what we know as fundamental to functional families: hardworking parents. In human clusters, whether given or chosen, there’s always a basic method to the madness which determines bonded success; Craig and Annie Stoll obviously have their talented fingers on that pulse.



Never an easy gig — this business of “birthin’ baby” restaurants.  And given today’s tenuous economy, it may just be those owner/parents who treat others with the inherent respect of family members who will survive and prosper. Case in point: Before Pizzeria Delfina’s safe delivery into Pacific Heights, the Stolls had embraced their staff as restaurant family. Then united in purpose, they proudly introduced her to the elated community, where she was indeed warmly received.

Delfina at Home in Pacific Heights

Alas, it was not, as one would surmise, the keen radar of new parents which led to our meeting. Everyone could hear this baby’s din and hubbub, none more acutely than her wait personnel. To ensure order accuracy [translation: customer satisfaction], staffers found themselves literally hunched in half straining to catch emissions from guests’ moving lips, relegated to then writing their requests at table level. Friendly gestures? No doubt. Ergonomically sound? [No response] These experienced parent/owners called us at Wall Covering Designs Inc., familiar with our all-in-one diagnostic-through-installation services. Delphina, meet Direct Connect!

Pristine and crisp, you’d never know …

Upon site inspection, the hand that rocked this cradle was immediately apparent: a sloped ceiling juxtaposed against the large open-area kitchen. Devoted to family priorities, the Stolls were beyond pleased with our proposal for rapid remediation. Pictured here is The Fix as installed above Delfina’s booth seating. Again you’ll see one of our most popular products, the acoustical Clipso polyester [available in white, beige or black]. Behind this easy-maintenance wonder fabric is one-inch thick, six-pound density fiberglass. All told, this particular system affords an impressive .85 NCR rating. Yep. It’s the tough stuff which absorbs noise so that you, your family and guests don’t have to!

… this beautiful system is also one insatiable NOISE EATER!

Now, these photos capture well the muted, go-away aesthetic. But what do they not depict? Of course, first and foremost, the end to frustrating and exhausting clamor. Listen. You hear nothing, right? Good. Let’s now look to the substantial savings available to you through Wall Covering Designs’ Direct Connect. Being all-inclusive, we’re able to provide the convenience of product-through-installation services at surprisingly low rates in surprisingly little time. For a brief behind-the-scenes tour at Delfina, follow our expert installers’ checklist:

  • Remove existing pendant lights and ceiling registers
  • Position three-meter-width Calipso acoustical material
  • Place perimeter tension track
  • Add fiberglass to center
  • Cut holes for can lights and register openings
  • Hang pendants
  • Secure finish trim

Quick, functional, attractive, durable and inexpensive. Say what? Yep, you heard me loud and clear. Dependent upon site-specific variables [e.g., ceiling heights, lengths of perimeter tracking and numbers of penetrations], stretched-fabric acoustical systems range from 17 to $22 per square foot. See? An economical, common-sense approach to taking care of what matters most — your family. Papa Craig adds, “This is part of the design now. All of our locations are acoustically treated. It’s a simple and important step.”

Plan to visit Pizzeria Delfina and experience it for yourself! A spirit of graciousness will surround you and other neighborhood residents while communally relaxing your minds, nourishing your souls and laughing away the cares of the day. Delfina, your Pacific Heights Home Away from Home!

Oh, and the Pizza Pies?!? Bellissimo!

Hey, did you hear The Happy News? The Stolls are due again — next month!


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