Vivace Ristorante – Belmont Bells Toll

by Jan Ellis Float on December 20, 2010

No passport required!

Once you step from beneath this enchanting entrance into the warmth of Vivace, you feel instantly transported into a European classic. While your senses engage with their new surroundings, you assess the ambiance as a perfect blend of modern elegance and hometown sensibility. At that moment, a knowing smile alights, for your inner translator has just exclaimed, “Vivace! It means LIVELY!” Gotta appreciate that moniker, huh? I mean, the essence of real Italian dining is all about glorifying life, right?!? Lively generations feasting on lively dishes in lively settings with lively guests! [And I won’t even go near the lively storytelling!]

From Day One, Proprietor Mike Gunn, naturally personable and outgoing, loved Stirring Pots Vivace! And why for the Boot of Italy not? After all, his trattoria was amassing more star clusters than registered constellations; residents, tourists and critics were clamoring for tables. So when opportunity knocked, Mike carpe’d de diem — Oops. Rewind. — Mike seized the day by contacting our One-Stop Shop, Wall Covering Designs Inc. Together, we’d endeavor to fulfill Vivace’s destiny, an upscale and family-/group-friendly restaurant for which the Bells of Belmont Toll!

Because many reservation requests sought accommodation for larger gatherings, Mike wanted to offer these patrons greater intimacy for hosting their private events. And, of course, while the party participants were in full-on celebratory [or business-meeting] mode, regular patrons deserved their customary, scrumptious, uninterrupted Vivace experience.

Separate sections — Win-Win

In no time, we had set about our jobs of designing two rooms with built-in din and hubbub barriers. From its original space configuration, using two open window areas, we custom created and attached a removable acoustical panel. Not only does this divider serve the intended dual purposes of halving the room and absorbing decibels, but its versatility provides myriad future service possibilities!

Gorgeous detail – Invisible function

Then to ensure all acoustical integrity – truth be told, more like containment for the party-hardy set – this beautiful maroon fabric as depicted here was appended to the walls above the chair railing and adjacent to the fireplace, thus squelching any sneak attacks by transient-noise repeat offenders. Once again, our complementary system worked its magic, as this popular event room at Vivace is steadily booked for parties +/- 40.

“Hi. Yes, please. Table for two, Friday, 8 pm? Excellent. And how kind to remember our date night!? Never any din and hubbub at Vivace. Looking forward to seeing you then. Thanks!”

It’s no secret our Wall Covering Designs team was elated when Mike recently invited us back in need of similar noise-reduction techniques for his smaller, more private dining area, max seating capacity 16. Maintaining the chair railing as a universal theme, for this application we selected a lively orange. Agree? The vibrancy of such a rich color palette represents and enhances the abundant flavors of this ristorante’s Old World charm.

Before you definitely did hear!

Hearing is believing!

And now you simply do not!

Today Vivace thrives on welcoming and serving tables of all sizes … with remarkable ease, confidence and speed. What’s more, Mike and his staff report being On Cloud Nine over the results. Communicating efficiently, effectively and infinitely more effortlessly has eliminated problems before they even surface.

And the all-important guests? Well, one can actually also h-e-a-r their pleasure. Initial oohs/aahs and hmms/yums, as if on cue, are typically audible within those reverential moments when the waiter delivers warm fresh bread and herbed olive oil. Frequently, like murmurs of satiation continue on through wine service, antipasto, perhaps a crisp salad and Gnocchi Gorganzola or Osso Bucco … and they don’t abate till that final morsel of crème brulee and sip of espresso have been thoroughly savored!


Vivace, delicioso y serena

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