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by Jan Ellis Float on February 19, 2011

At its finest, savored in ambient serenity

Cross our City’s majestic icon, the GG Bridge, meander off the main thoroughfare and enter the diversified enchantment of Sausalito. An inimitable accessory to SF’s treasure trove, this jewel on the Bay quite simply offers Something for Everyone! Artists, shoppers, fashionistas — cyclists, runners, swimmers – photogs, boaters, hikers — sightseers, gardeners, writers — gourmets, gourmands and saké sommeliers. Get the gist? You name it; Sausalito has it. Strolling through town or along the waterfront awakens imagination and cultivates creativity, enticing wannabe residents inspired by such eclectic magnetism.

Pineapple-infused and mojito sakés

A bona-fide Pride & Joy to this seaside hamlet, Sushi Ran has earned critical acclaim time and again by the industry’s best. [Thanks, Zagat +++!] Only pure passion energizes the ubër- talented at this level, these prominent chefs turning out plated perfection, each one artfully showcasing their unique interpretation of Japanese/CA fusion.

Too pretty to eat? Grab your cell, take a pic and dive in!

How joyous for Owner Yoshi Tome to WOW guests with nothing short of delectable, lovely and healthy gastronomic fare?!? What’s more, Sushi Ran boasts impressive saké  [“When in Rome …”] and wine lists, the keen wait staff always prepped and delighted to suggest innovative cocktails and palate-popping wine pairings.

Surrounded by cultural vibrancy …
… with staff, artwork and color pallet

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Popular San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer, co-founder/-contributor of the Website Inside Scoop SF and author of Blog Between Meals, has earned his world-renowned rep and foodie followers. A sharp palate, amusing wit, ethnic curiosity, attention to detail and ingenious noise ratings top Our List of Michael’s Gifts … but that one probably rivals the length of Santa’s. Skilled as a wordsmith, he knows of each word’s past, present and future significance.

Writing is not a dying art. In fact, accomplished communicators like Mr. Bauer possess the capabilities of deciphering pros and cons, accurately disseminating them to the Powers that Be, and ultimately serving as key figures in myriad HOTButton issues to hopefully reach final resolutions. Here at Restaurants-the din and the hubbub, Michael is considered an Up Close & Personal BFF, although our oh-so-tight bond remains unilateral at present.

Well, we’re here! And we do Hear you, Michael Bauer!

For newbies to his noise-rating system, the following Bells and Bomb were shrewdly added to conventional restaurant assessments thusly:

Pleasantly quiet (less than 65 dB)

Easy talk (65-70)

Normal talk difficult (70-75)

Raised-voice talk (75-80)

Normal talk impossible (80+)

For Real World decibel [dB] application:

A few more Reality Checks …

194 dB: Loudest possible sound 
140 dB: Prolonged exposure will cause damage and jet engine at 100 feet
130 dB: Instant onset of perceptible pain
110 dB: Crying baby 
107 dB: Power mower at three feet
 90 dB: Prolonged exposure may cause damage 
 86 dB: Dental drill at one inch 
 83 dB: Shower
 80 dB: Garbage disposal
 77 dB: Passenger car 65 mph at 25 feet
 75 dB: Chamber music in small auditorium
 72 dB: Toilet flushing
 70 dB: Hair dryer and TV volume 
 65 dB: Vacuum cleaner
-65 dB: Pleasure
 60 dB: Preferred restaurant and background music
 25 dB: Whispering 
  0 dB: Golden!!!
Wine bar on left  ————-  Restaurant on right

Sushi Ran History: In March 1981, the Chronicle paid its first unannounced visit. Raving about the amazingly fresh and exquisitely prepared offerings, their printed column also rang four bells loudly. At best, shouting to hear and be heard are annoying distractions. At worst, permanent hearing deficits can and do occur. Dismayed Owner Yoshi and staff, in an earnest effort to mitigate further damage, separated the wine bar from the restaurant into two contiguous settings. Wise space planning, but poor noise fix. Michael Bauer, whose annual presence and powerful pen instill paralyzing fear into meal mortals, perceived no change. He never dropped The Big B … nor did he omit a single bell. Ouch!

Inviting a friend to dine at Sushi Ran, Yoshi soon discovered for himself, in concurrence with Michael, that his booked-solid hot spot was nonetheless much too loud. So the next morning he found a recent brochure from Wall Covering Designs Inc., placed that one all-important call, and by month’s end was thrilled to notice an appreciable dB difference. A state-of-the-art acoustical system had been almost invisibly installed directly over the main sushi bar’s cool and lively dining area, and the results were astounding!

Acoustical Rescue Squad

Installer Working Hard

So we work clients’ off hours!








Here again, we recommended our go-to European fabric, seamless in its five-meter width. Materials chosen, ordered and delivered, two experts from our construction team set about doing what they do best. In just two mornings [Read: NO restaurant downtime!], our installers stretched the textile over one-inch fiberglass and tugged it tautly into its permanent placement, a one- and-¼-inch perimeter tension track custom built to secure this miracle fabric. Unless specifically trained to identify such additions, the finished product depicted below seemingly disappears into the gypsum ceiling … as does the once-intolerable N O I S E !

Along with our timely payment from Yoshi, he included a handwritten Thank You card. How kind, thoughtful and appreciated was this time-intensive gesture; he wished to express his gratitude for our professionalism and their successful outcome. So … yearning for sushi, sashimi, saké? Perhaps feeling a tad more adventurous? Ask your servers at Sushi Ran; they’ll hear you, and you won’t strain or pretend to understand their responses. It’s called “meaningful conversation,” and you’ll get a charge out of the refreshing experience. After all, I said you’d find Something for Everyone. At long last, social Serenity!

Let’s hear what our BBB [Best Blog Buddy] Michael Bauer has to say!?!

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Carol February 23, 2011 at 3:14 am

What a great post. I love the charts! If restaurant owners new how many restaurants we avoid due to noise, they’d think twice about getting the bells rolling, I mean getting the ball rolling.

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