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The idea of quality dining has always been simple. The environment, the ambiance and the ability to enjoy one’s company are key to creating that fine dining experience. The noise factor has unfortunately taken away such ideals and more often than not, we find ourselves drawn away from loud venues or having to tolerate such discomfort. Consequently, those who cannot endure such environments are discouraged from returning and therefore hurt the restaurateur’s desire in a growing clientele. Poor architectural planning or lack of proper acoustical installments attributes to what I call the “din and the hubbub.”

My name is Connie Silver, founder of Wall Covering Designs, Inc. I founded my company out of a passion to lead a business that combines the freedom of working creatively with my expertise in acoustic design. In the early years, we provided exceptional wall-covering products in attractive designs with impeccable installation. As we continued to celebrate years of success in the business, I branched out into servicing the greater bay area with acoustical applications in home theatres and music studios. Through word-of-mouth, we boast five-starred endorsements from partners in construction to clients in corporations.

The story of how I started to work with restaurants began to unfold as I found it more and more difficult to ignore the elevating noise levels I continued to experience where I dined. Not only did this interfere with my pleasure in dining out in peace, I also observed others like myself, averse to the clamor of many restaurants. By speaking with several restaurant owners, I found it commonplace for venues to receive alarming numbers of noise complaints. I saw my opportunity in solving the challenge of creating that quality dining experience. Considering the sensitivity of altering a restaurant’s look and feel, I prioritize aesthetic appeal as I offer practical and cost-effective acoustical solutions. What I am initiating is the option to eliminate sound above recommended decibels by absorbing noise, which tends to reverberate due to flaws in architectural design.

My mission and goal is to create awareness in altogether defeating the noise factor we shouldn’t have to tolerate at our favorite restaurants. By offering streamlined, affordable solutions that are designed to be installed quickly and efficiently, your restaurant will no longer have to repel valuable patrons.

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Michael Pardini October 4, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Hi Connie: Great site…this is what the restaurant world needs.

Stanley Fineman October 5, 2010 at 7:38 pm

Bravo, Connie. I’m plowing similar rows here in Los Angeles. The restaurants that have had noise problems are very happy with the results after installing enhancing Padded Walls or Ceilings. So good luck up there. You do a happy service. Stan

dhbadmin October 5, 2010 at 8:35 pm

Hi Stan,
How about starting a similar din-hubbub blog in So Cal? I intend to take this across the country with our dealer network. Receiving lots of kudos, as this is a noisy issue most diners only tolerate. Let’s talk “quietly”!

Rain July 9, 2011 at 7:59 am

I love reading these aritlces because they’re short but informative.