Wall Covering Designs has completed more than 200 home theatersWCD builds home theaters and music rooms providing top-quality products and services. We have an experienced team of installers, and we work with the best acoustical engineers and manufacturers in the industry. With more than a decade spent perfecting our skills, we have completed some of the most complicated and innovative acoustical projects in the Greater Bay Area. Our experience saves you time and money!

When asked about modern design trends, WCD owner Connie Silver had this to say: "Increasingly, we're being called in on large residential projects. When homes have a large volume of space with hard surfaces like glass, stone, and hardwood, they can become very noisy very quickly, and that glamorous entry hall can sound like a gymnasium. We work with cutting-edge manufacturers in Europe who have created fantastic sound-absorbing elements that can transform a ceiling and reduce noise significantly." Wall Covering Designs has over 10 years of experience helping homeowners quell the noise levels in their homes. We provide insights into a host of cool European acoustical products that lower the decibels while disappearing into your design.

Our experience with textiles and their performance is broad. We'll work with your interior designers, architect, acoustical engineer, or just you, the homeowner, to find a solution to your sound problems. We work with many designers installing custom wall coverings, grass cloths, unique papers, leathers and suede. We've even installed horsehair on walls!

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