Wall Covering Designs provides economical noise reduction solution packages perfect for any restaurant.Loud noise levels in restaurants can ruin a perfectly good dining experience, and restaurateurs are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a solution. Fortunately, this is right up our alley and WCD is blazing the frontier of this new market.

We've developed an economy program to help restaurateurs address their acoustical issues during this unprecedented trend in noise evaluation and acoustic awareness. We offer a free site evaluation of your space, which includes a site review, consultation, and estimates. We provide a design and product options, and we offer financing and phasing to meet any budget.

WCD has designed an affordable, sensible, and simple solution package that will suit the acoustical needs of most restaurants. This package boasts affordable prices and 50 color choices, as well as hundreds of stocks images available for your design panels — we can even use your own photography!

If our module package won't work for you, we will be happy to provide you with a custom design for your space. Give us a call today at 650.596.1058 or request a quote online to get started!

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